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Manufacturing of transformers

Manufacturing of transformers based on particular requirements. We will precisely execute the transformers exactly as you imagined it.

Download our respective catalogue and allow release your imagination to the realm of unlimited freedom.

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Manufacturing of thermo fuses

Our firm, VOIEX Ltd. undertakes also the production of thermo fuses, based on individual requirements and orders.

Trempreture range: between 70-360 Celsius.

Conformity with UL, VDE, PSE standards.

etal thermostats

Manufacturing of thermostats on basis of particular requirements.

Switching temperature range between 40-150 Celcius.

Conformity with UL, VDE, PSE standards.


LCD modules

Acquisition of character and graphic LCD modules within a short delivery term.

Please request our quotation. Take a chance on our firm and try the cooperation with us whether on short or long term!

Requesting a quotation:
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